About Me

My name is Wes Ellis. I live with my wife Amanda and our son Henry in Princeton, New Jersey. I'm a Member in Discernment in the United Church of Christ. I'm quite comfortable in the UCC, but I'm also comfortable thinking of myself as an evangelical. In many ways, I'm a product of both Evangelicalism and progressive mainline Christianity. I love watching Netflix, reading in coffee shops, and playing all kinds of sports.

In 2008, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University. From 2008-2012 I was the Director of Youth Ministry at First Congregational Church of Ramona (where I was responsible for Youth and Young Adult Ministry). Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Youth Ministry and an MDiv at Princeton Theological Seminary. I have served as a ministry intern at Kingston United Methodist Church and at Hopewell Presbyterian Church. I work at The Institute For Youth Ministry. Someday I would like to write, teach, pastor a church, plant a church or all of the above. I am passionate about Youth Ministry and passionate about theology... and I am convinced that the two belong to each other.